2017 DIENA

"My works characterize the feeling of reality, to be more precise - my works have been contrasted with the world of brands or the cult of brands, ironically hoping that a harmonic existence of such contrast possible. This subject matter proves to be very topical as nowadays the material world governs the world of feelings and emotions. I would like to present my style as New Super Abstractionism. With a hope full of humour, I would like to add that, similarly to any historical evidence that is preserved for future generations, my works reflecting the feeling of the present moment will remain for the future generations as a testimony of this time as well." Iveta Priedite

Iveta Priedite considers herself a representative of New Super Abstractionism and has been pursuing this trend since 2003. The artist has a laconic form of expression which helps her highlight the symbolism of the sign language in an abstract message. As it can be understood from the name of the exhibition, the source of inspiration lies in the sky, which is gradually being entwined by other sources of interest, like Kazimir Malevich's airplanes, baroque music, pop art with its ironically critical depiction of pop culture, the life itself, and the artist's reflections on it.

Text: Zane Kazbuń∑e

/ November 30 - December 7 / Number 47 (285)
/ February 23 - March 2 / Number 08 (246)